What is GenCyber Wyoming?

NSA/NSF Sponsored Cyber Camp (Odd Years) / Professional Development (Even Years)

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Solve Cybersecurity Inspired Challenges

Show off your very own cyber-inspired project or lesson plans

Create Sustainable Lessons, Units, and Clubs

Who can attend?

GenCyber Wyoming is open to Middle through High School students in odd years, and teachers in even years. Students/Teachers must meet the following requirements.

StudentsNo Spots in 2020

COWPOKES-CS is open to 8-12th grade student. No prior knowledge or experience in computer science or cybersecurity is required.

Teachers*24* Spots in 2020

COWPOKES-CS is open to any middle or high school educator, with preference given to those looking to integrate CS and/or cybersecurity within their existing curriculum.

When & Where is Wyoming's GenCyber Professional Development?

The GenCyber camp and professional development rotates throughout the state of Wyoming.

In 2020, the Teacher Professional Development runs VIRTUALLY During Cybersecurity Awareness Month - October 2020!

We will host three (3) Friday/Saturday weekend sessions featuring a hybrid of synchronous and asynchronous activies! No 8 hour zoom marathons!

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Registration Now Waitlisted | 133% Full

How much does the camp cost? $0 - It's Free!

Students (Odd Years)

There is absolutely no cost to attend the COWPOKES day camp! You'll be provided with materials and lunch throughout the entire week! Show up and learn about computer science, cybersecurity, and computational thinking in a fun, welcoming atmosphere! At the end of the week, you'll get to keep a pretty cool Microbit as well as any other materials your create during the week!

Teachers (Even Years)

This professional development experience is free! In fact, you'll receive a competitive weekly stipend for participation. Additionally, we'll provide you with some electronics for you and your district! In addition to the tech, you'll walk away with two lessons that you've helped develop as well as 46 lessons from 23 other Wyoming teachers!


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We get it, you're excited! The application is open now through April 20th ! With notices of acceptance by May 9th.