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2:00 pm

Welcome and Introductions

2:05 pm

Paper Presentation 1: Minimizing User Movement with Zoom in Place

Authors: Eva Monclus1, Isabel Navazo1, and Pere-Pau Vazquez1.

Organization: 1MOVING Research Group

2:25 pm

Paper Presentation 2: Volume Visualization on a WIM: Design Considerations and Planned Evaluations

Authors: Denis Lynch2, David Borland3, Regis Kopper2, and Tabitha Peck2

Organization: 2Duke University, 3The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


2:45 pm

Paper Presentation 3: Interactive Definition of Discrete Color Maps for Volume Rendered Data in Immersive Virtual Environments

Authors: Claudia Hanel4, Sebastian Fretag4, Bernd Hentschel4, and Torsten Kuhlen4

Organization: 4RWTH Aachen University


3:05 pm

Paper Presentation 4: Spotlight: Fused Interactive Intraoperative Visualization of Ultrasound and CT Volume Images

Authors: Sharif Razzaque5, Andrei State5, Luv Kohli5, Brian Heaney5, David Sindram6, John Martinie6, David Iannitti6, Erin Hanna6, Ryan Swan6, David Niemeyer6, Iain McKillop6, and Ramanathan M. Seshadri6

Organization: 5InnerOptic Technology,Inc., 6Carolinas Medical Center


3:25 pm

Summary and Preparation for Session after the Break

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3:30 pm

Beverage Break

4:00 pm

Welcome back from break and Refresher

4:05 pm

Paper Presentation 5: Design of the Bare-Hand Volume Cracker for Analysis of Raw Volumetric Data

Authors: Bireswar Laha7 and Doug Bowman7

Organization: 7Virginia Tech


4:25 pm

Paper Presentation 6: Bimanual Selection and Interaction with Volumetric Regions of Interest

Authors: Arun Yoganandan8, Jason Jerald9, and Paul Mlyniec8.

Organization: 8Digital ArtForms, 9NextGen Interactions


4:45 pm

Discussion: Research Issues and Current Trends

5:15 pm

Summary and Closing