Monday, July 14th
Session 24C 10:45-13:00
10:45-11:15Abhishek Anand and Vincent Rahli. Towards a Formally Verified Proof Assistant (Slides)
11:15-11:45Magnus O. Myreen and Jared Davis. The reflective Milawa theorem prover is sound (down to the machine code that runs it) (Slides)
11:45-12:15Ramana Kumar, Rob Arthan, Magnus O. Myreen and Scott Owens. HOL with Definitions: Semantics, Soundness, and a Verified Implementation (Slides)
12:15-12:45J Strother Moore. Proof Pearl: Proving a Simple Von Neumann Machine Turing Complete (Slides)
12:45-13:00Matt Kaufmann and J Moore. Rough Diamond: An Extension of Equivalence-based Rewriting (Slides)
Session 27B 14:30-16:00
14:30-15:00David Cock. From Operational Models to Information Theory - Side-Channels in pGCL with Isabelle
15:00-16:00Anna Slobodova, Jared Davis and Sol Swords. Microcode Verification - Another Piece of the Microprocessor Verification Puzzle
Session 28C 16:30-18:00
16:30-17:00Jasmin Christian Blanchette, Johannes Hölzl, Andreas Lochbihler, Lorenz Panny, Andrei Popescu and Dmitriy Traytel. Truly Modular (Co)datatypes for Isabelle/HOL (Slides)
17:00-17:30Andreas Lochbihler and Johannes Hölzl. Recursive Functions on Codatatypes via Domains and Topologies (Slides)
17:30-18:00Jason Gross, Adam Chlipala and David Spivak. Experience Implementing a Performant Category-Theory Library in Coq (Slides)
Tuesday, July 15th
Session 33C 10:45-13:00
10:45-11:15Evmorfia-Iro Bartzia and Pierre-Yves Strub. A Formal Library for Elliptic Curves in the Coq Proof Assistant (Slides)
11:15-11:45Kento Emoto, Frédéric Loulergue and Julien Tesson. A Verified Generate-Test-Aggregate Coq Library for Parallel Programs Extraction (Slides)
11:45-12:15Peter Lammich. Verified Efficient Implementation of Gabow's Strongly Connected Component Algorithm (Slides)
12:15-12:45Jasmin Christian Blanchette, Andrei Popescu and Dmitriy Traytel. Cardinals in Isabelle/HOL (Slides)
12:45-13:00Rob Arthan. HOL Constant Definitions Done Right (Slides)
Session 36C 14:30-16:00
14:30-15:00Guyslain Naves and Arnaud Spiwack. Balancing lists: a proof pearl
15:00-16:00Rod Chapman and Florian Schanda. Are We There Yet? 20 Years of Industrial Theorem Proving with SPARK (Slides)
Session 38B 16:30-18:00
16:30-17:00Daniel Matichuk, Makarius Wenzel and Toby Murray. An Isabelle Proof Method Language (Slides)
17:00-17:30Makarius Wenzel. Asynchronous User Interaction and Tool Integration in Isabelle/PIDE (Slides)
17:30-18:00Martin Ring and Christoph Lüth. Collaborative Interactive Theorem Proving with Clide (Slides)
Wednesday, July 16th
Session 43C 10:45-13:00
10:45-11:15Frédéric Chyzak, Assia Mahboubi, Thomas Sibut-Pinote and Enrico Tassi. A Computer-Algebra-Based Formal Proof of the Irrationality of ζ(3)
11:15-11:45Cyril Cohen and Anders Mörtberg. A Coq Formalization of Finitely Presented Modules (Slides)
11:45-12:15Mohamed Yousri Mahmoud, Vincent Aravantinos and Sofiene Tahar. Formal Verification of Optical Quantum Flip Gate (Slides)
12:15-12:45Umair Siddique, Mohamed Yousri Mahmoud and Sofiene Tahar. On the Formalization of Z-Transform in HOL
12:45-13:00Disha Puri, Sandip Ray, Kecheng Hao and Fei Xie. Mechanical Certification of Loop Pipelining Transformations: A Preview (Slides)
Session 46C 14:30-16:00
14:30-15:00Timothy Bourke, Rob Van Glabbeek and Peter Höfner. Showing invariance compositionally for a process algebra of network protocols (Slides)
15:00-16:00Peter Sewell. Retrofitting Rigour (Slides)
Session 48C 16:30-18:00
16:30-17:00Jeremy Avigad, Robert Y. Lewis and Cody Roux. A heuristic prover for real inequalities (Slides)
17:00-17:30Tobias Nipkow and Dmitriy Traytel. Unified Decision Procedures for Regular Expression Equivalence (Slides)
17:30-18:00Sandrine Blazy, Vincent Laporte and David Pichardie. Verified Abstract Interpretation Techniques for Disassembling Low-level Self-modifying Code (Slides)
Thursday, July 17th
Session 54AC 10:45-13:00
10:45-11:15Robert Dockins. Formalized, effective domain theory in Coq (Slides)
11:15-11:45Christian Doczkal and Gert Smolka. Completeness and Decidability Results for CTL in Coq (Slides)
11:45-12:15Matthieu Sozeau and Nicolas Tabareau. Universe Polymorphism in Coq
12:15-12:45Gregory Malecha, Adam Chlipala and Thomas Braibant. Compositional Computational Reflection
12:45-13:00Robbert Krebbers, Xavier Leroy and Freek Wiedijk. Formal C semantics: CompCert and the C standard (Slides)
Session 62AC 14:30-16:00
14:30-15:00Nao Hirokawa, Aart Middeldorp and Christian Sternagel. A New and Formalized Proof of Abstract Completion
15:00-15:30Jean-François Dufourd. Hypermap Specification and Certified Linked Implementation using Orbits (Slides)
15:30-16:00Vincent Aravantinos and Sofiene Tahar. Implicational Rewriting Tactics in HOL (Slides)